COVID Booster Jab - a members experience

Have you been invited to book your Booster Jab? Had difficulty? Read below one members experience and observations.

Have just been invited by NHS to book on line for my Covid booster.

I completed the on line form with all the required information including post code and selecting the boxes indicating I needed:-

- Accessible toilet

- Disabled car park

- Step free access

The web site then responded that they had no local sites to meet my access requirements and to call 119 for assistance.

The call centre operator asked for all my details again after which she responded with ‘they have no local sites that meet my access requirements’ She advised I search the website or call 119 in a few weeks time to see if a suitable site became available.

I said that was not acceptable and to give me the locations they have for Plymouth vaccination sites. She said she couldn’t do this as I had identified access requirements which they couldn’t meet.

I kept my cool, but pointing out that at my age, I could be dead before a suitable accessible site became available and asked to speak to her line manager.

I was politely put on hold for five minutes or so and was then told the nearest site, which did not me my access requirements, was Plymouth Argyle football stadium!

She then took my booking for Wednesday 22 Sept. at 14:30.

I am advising you of this experience in case you face the same situation.

The call centre and web site systems are obviously not fit for purpose as they do not meet the needs of disabled people.

Our member has now been back in touch following visiting Argyle Booster Jab Centre in the last couple of days.

Assisted access at Argyle excellent and staff very helpful. If you advise the car park stewards of your mobility issues, you can drive up to the entrance area.

Want to seek advice on a similar situation or your (or a loved ones) own healthcare?

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If you would prefer to feedback over the phone, please call freephone 0800 520 0640 Or for assistance you can email:

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Published at: 11:52am on 21st September 2021

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This post was written by: Dawn Clarke


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