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Hello again from Plymouth Energy Community,

We are a multi-award-winning charity and social enterprise, with a cooperative ethos. Our mission is to empower our community to create a fair, affordable, zero carbon energy system with local people at its heart.

We are a family of community led organisations, bringing forward a range of projects that:

• Bring local people and organisations together to tackle fuel poverty and the climate crisis.

• Increase local ownership and influence over local energy solutions.

• Improve community confidence to engage in the zero-carbon transition.

• Enable people to heat and power their homes affordably.

You can find out more about us and the work we do on our website

We are currently trying to build a community of people and organisations who share our vision for the future, and who want to join us in the journey to make Plymouth zero carbon by 2050. In order to achieve this, we are in the process of updating our database, and we would like your up-to-date details so that we can:

• Provide information about how your organisation can support local action on the climate emergency and fuel poverty.

• Identify individuals or organisations to collaborate with on new projects.

• Provide details on the support services that we may be able to provide and to keep you updated on the important work that we are doing.

Consequently, we would like to ask your permission to add you onto our mailing list to receive updates on our new projects.

If you give us permission to utilise your data on our CRM system and put you onto our mailing list, we will need the following details:

Company Name:

Email Address:

Contact number:



I hope that we can develop a relationship together and I look forwarding to hearing back from you and building a positive community together. If you have any further questions, please email

Plymouth Energy Community News February 2022

If members are having concerns in meeting their increased energy bills, the Plymouth Energy Community can provide advice and support around grants, please see below updated link below.

Closing date for grant applications is March 20th 2022 unless the fund has been fully allocated.

If you have any further questions, please visit the Plymouth Energy Company website

Plymouth Energy Community News October 2021

If members are having concerns in meeting their increased energy bills, the Plymouth Energy Community can provide advice and support free of charge.

They can often supply, free, gadgets that will help you save energy.

They can also identify if you are eligible and then help with the completion of an application for the Warm Home Discount scheme which could save you £140 off your energy bill.

Contact details are: - 01752 477117 and email

Published at: 6:03pm on 13th August 2021

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